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Welcome to the web site of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. We are located in Gadsden, Alabama. If you are ever in the Gadsden area we would love to have you visit with us.


The purpose of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church is to be led by the Holy Spirit in sharing His Son Jesus Christ with our community of Gadsden and beyond.


  • Reach lost people for Jesus Christ
  • Teach believers to grow in Christ
  • Minister to those in need
  • Fellowship together
  • Worship the Father in spirit and in truth


  • Lead to committed Membership
  • Lead to committed Maturity
  • Lead to gifted Ministry
  • Lead to empowered Mission


  • Spiritual Growth
  • Ministries Expansion
  • Mission Advance
  • Numerical Growth

We hope you find our web site helpful. To find out about us (one of the oldest churches in Gadsden, Alabama) see our History page. On the page for Weekly Church Announcements as well as on the list of pages on the side bar, you will find the link for our YouTube Channel. We have some special Bible Studies on YouTube. If you are feeling discouraged, lonely, hurting, or just need to know that God is still in control, check our our pages of Scriptures for Encouragement.

Our page of links gives you some great web sites that you should find helpful. There are sites for the young and young at heart. Some will help you study the scriptures, be able to read  different translations and paraphrases of the Bible. Have your children check out the fun at Adventures in Odyssey. While we have this page of links for you to use, we do endorse or recommend any of the links or organizations represented by the links.



 Revelation 16:20 (KJV)
And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.
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